Swift Technique at Funk n Waffles Take two ~ April 1, 2017

SwiftTech - 165wm webThe last time I got to see Swift Technique, (also at Funk n Waffles Downtown, Syracuse, NY) their female lead singer unfortunately had her wisdom teeth out and was unable to perform. Not to worry!! All of the guys put on a show that was out of this world! Some serious funk went down! And this show was no different! One of the qualities I truly love about this band is that every single member give every show their all, leave everything they have – all of their passion, talent and funk – on the stage and are worn out by the end of the show!!

BUT let me tell you, Chelsea ViaCava certainly adds a spark to the show!! More on that in a minute.

I again had the chance to sit down with Jake  Leschinsky (bass player) and this time Chelsea as well. We caught up on what has been happening for them musically since the last time we talked, what is coming up in the near future, and a lot of laughter!

SwiftTech - 75wm webIn the past few months, Swift Technique has released two new singles, “Reason to Be” and “Lucky Bump”, paired with a video for “Lucky Bump” (director Bob Sweeney) . The video takes place in an old school in Philly that’s not in use anymore and came about organically, inspired by the location and outfits. In trying to describe what has become one of my favorite songs, I found they described it the best on their site, “takes you for a ride on the Soul Train and gets you moving with its classic and infectious groove.” Jake also referred to the sound as “revamped seventies funk vibe”. Truly its a song that its impossible to stand still too. You simply MUST BUMP!! You also are introduced to Senator Squawks, their penguin mascot!!

Throughout the video, Chelsea NEVER stopped moving and grooving! Little did I know that was a precursor to her onstage as well.

SwiftTech - 255wm web

Chelsea has been with Swift Technique for 3 1/2 years now (2013), and she describes the band as “her home”. She truly adds that special something that grabs your attention and the chemistry all of the guys have with her is magnetic. Even so much that when I went outside for a minute to get some air, people walking by on the street stopped and stared! One even called his friends over to “check out this chick on stage!!”.

Coming up — They will be at some great festivals!!

Camp Jam in the Pines ,May 18 at Paradise Lake Campground , Hammonton, NJat

DomeFest , May 19 at Fort Royale Farm, Bedford, Pa

Disc Jam , June 8-11 in Stephentown, Ny

Camp Bisco , July 13-15 at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa

and a video for “Reason to Be”, with a very very cute star making his debut!!

April 21 announcement 

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