It’ll make more sense later…

Those were the words Jake Leschinsky, bass player for Swift Technique, finished up our chat with, talking about the way the band members all exude their passion during the show. We talked about the influences the members shared, the “Philadelphia Sound”, and the fun concerts they have coming up!


With a total of 9 members (unfortunately the lead female singer, Chelsea ViaCava, was ill so only 8 were onstage this night) the small stage at Funk n Waffles Downtown was packed! But come to find out, they like it that way! With a full “funk ensemble” of rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard), then the horn section (3 horns) and usually two lead vocalists – Chelsea and Nik Greeley, they definitely fill up the stage and provide a deep, rich, multilayer sound full of funk from across the nation! There were times you swore you were in New Orleans, especially when the entire horn section came off the stage and paraded through the audience. There was also the influence of their hometown in the “Philadelphia Soul” sound, a genre of soul music characterized by funk influences and lush instrumental arrangements, often featuring sweeping strings and piercing horns. (


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When they’re on a small stage like this one, they truly vibe off each other, the energy is “tangible”, almost visible. Their entire vibe is to share their energy, so you walk away uplifted, with “feel good, positive, funk music”. While the band has existed for 9 years, that time held many incarnations and evolved into what it is today, but the transitions of members has helped, rather than hinder, the sound that is now. Their “high energy funk” truly permeates your soul and wraps you up and you lose what ever is weighing you down and you feel the notes soak in and lift you up.



Future plans and show for Swift Technique are:

two new singles releasing on February 13, “Lucky Bump” and “Reason to Be”

February 3 – with the Disco Biscuits at The Filmore Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa    This is a wonderful opportunity for Swift Technique,  as Disco Biscuits are hand picking who will accompany them and they chose Swift Technique! (note: the show is running for three nights, 2/2-4, and will have two other great bands opening for them the other two nights)

February 8- with The Werks and Teddy Midnight at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, Ny

February 10 – with AZTEC SUN and Oh He Dead at Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC

and the list goes on….. 


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