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“Steamphonia”, Celtica- Pipes Rock’s Newest Cd Release

originally posted 8/3/16

From the opening track, “Steamphonia” you get the sense of going on an adventure, filled with imagery of steam punk, belly of the ship, coal infused heat. “Demon of Carbonium” only intensifies that feeing with it’s rock infused rhythm that only makes you want to put on your headphones and turn the volume to maximum and get lost in the bagpipe rock.

Your first impression may be they are the AC/DC of bagpipe rock. It’s definitely different than any trad bagpipes, but then it’s changed up with “Harbour in the Sky”, or so you think with the first few soft bars, but then it’s into more driving beats. A definite feel of adventure.

A few favorites are “The Iron Angel”, “Victoria’s Desire” and “A Sinister Romance”, Listeners that like more of a Flogging Molly, Scythian sound and those that love AC/DC and hair bands will both love it.

When you are pulled into harbor with “Gateway to Utopia” there’s definitely a joyful feel, you’ve made it, but yet your journey is still continuing.

Celtica has an original sound with it’s original music that listeners of many genres would love, “Steamphonia” definitely takes you on an adventure of sound, traveling with a band that breaks rules and does it their way and it comes out perfect.


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