image A chat with The Spring Street Family

382wm-web Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to get to see The Spring Street Family at Funk n Waffles Downtown in Syracuse,Ny. While they’re a band with two previous albums of original songs (and a third on the way -but more on that in a bit!) that night was a tribute to Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik  25th anniversary. I was warned it was going to get crazy and it certainly did, in the best way possible!

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Chatting with lead singer, Ryan Vendetti and drummer Mike Redmond,two members of the 5 piece band that has been together for 4 years, it was obvious they’ve worked hard at finding their sound. But this night, they wanted to pay tribute to an album that has been “highly influential in their musical lives”.   Besides the fact that “it sounds awesome”,  Mike has used the album in teaching his drum students as it’s “straight forward, to the point and easy to keep tempo with it’.

The energy of all 5 members took over not only the stage, but the entire venue! The range of ages in attendance not only gives credence to the popularity of RHCP, but also The Spring Street Family. Hanging out before the show I was told many times how great they are and that I was going to love them!


Funny thing was during their set, Ryan mentioned he was 2 years old when the album was released on September 24, 1991, while I was 15 and wore it out, playing it over and over, killing the vocals (well, in my head at least!) during “Give it Away”. Probably my favorite song on that album and I was looking forward to hearing Ryan’s take on it. He absolutely killed it, dare I say almost better than the original!!

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They were all dancing all over the stage while never missing one note, engaging the audience and for some of us, bringing back memories of being teenagers, rocking out to a fantastic album.



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The audience lost it when every member of the band tossed their shirts to the side and lost themselves in the performance.


The night was on fire, the audience lost in the magic of Spring Street Family and they could have gone on all night! The last set was of their original music. While I had to unfortunately leave, I did get to chat about that music, the upcoming album and hear some fabulous tracks. Part two coming up…….

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